Conditions of Booking

1.    The company reserves the unconditional right to refuse a booking.

2.    No contract of booking exists between the Customer and the Company until the Customers order form and deposit has been received by the Company and confirmation given to the customer in writing.

3.    The Company reserves the right to cancel any Tour or Excursion due to operational circumstances or insufficient bookings. In this event all monies paid to the customer will be re-paid in full. In the event of lack of bookings the cancellation period will not be less than 6 weeks on a Holidays (over 3 days) 2 weeks on Mini-Breaks (3 & 2 day duration) and 1 week on Day Excursions.

4.    The Company reserves the right, without making any increase or reduction in the price charged to substitute other Hotelsor Restaurants of the same standard for those advertised and to use hotel Annexe Accommodation.

5    Where transport, accommodation or other services forming part of the tour are to be provided not by this company but by some other person, company or undertaking then:

  • a)    Awaydays (Dorset) Ltd acts only as agent for such person, company or undertaking in making the necessary arrangements.
  • b)    Awaydays (Dorset) Ltd shall be under no liability whatsoever to the customer or the customers personal representatives or dependants for, or in respect or in consequence of :
  • i)    Personal injury or death ; or
  • ii)    Loss of or damage to baggage, personal effect or other property; or
  • iii)    Delay, deviation, alteration or other irregularity, providing adequate provisions are made for the journey time
  • iv)    Inconvenience, discomfort, mental distress, loss or expense; Howsoever caused arising out of or in connection the provision of such transport, accommodation or other services.

6    A deposit of at least 10% of a holiday value, which is not re-fundable, is required from the customer at the time of booking, the balance to be paid six weeks prior to departure. Excursions require payment in Full. Insurance is available at time of booking.

7    If the company considers it necessary to alter the cost of the tour, due to excessive fuel increases, taxes, exchange rates,    hotel    orother supplier costs, the company reserves the right to do so and then to notify the customer who has the right to :

  • a)    Continue their tour at the increased price
  • b)    To Cancel their booking whereby the company will refund all monies paid in full
  • c)    To transfer to another tour which the company may have to offer.

8    The fare charged includes a reserved seat (allocated at the time of booking) and any item stated in the appropriate tour itinerary.

9    Only meals described in the Itinerary are included in the tour.

10    All customers taking part in any excursion or tour are fully covered by the companies public liability insurance and that of the companies suppliers. However, all passengers are advised to take out personal travel Insurance covering illness and repatriation on European destinations plus loss of personal effects and cancellation of the tour due to illness. Awaydays (Dorset) Ltd Booking office will be pleased to advise and offer competitive rates for these polices. E111 forms are available via the Post Office giving British National Health Service European extensions.

11    Should a customer feel they have cause for complaint, this complaint should be made in writing within 10 days after thetour has taken place. It is important that the company representative is advised at the time and that the company is given the opportunity to assist in rectification of the complaint at the time.. The company cannot investigate or consider a complaint if this has not happened.

12    The Company reserves the right to change the date of any Excursion due to operational circumstances. In this event the    Client can continue on the new date or the Company will provide a full refund of all monies paid.
13    On all European Tours and Excursions Customers are required to bring a current Passport with Visa’s if appropriate for all countries visited and for the duration of the Tour. The company is not responsible for any client costs or expenses relating to incorrect documentation or Immigration decision resulting in refusal of entry.

14    With Group reservations, the client lead name will be responsible for all members of their party and will be held responsible for damage to the Companies property or that of any third party or claim as a result levied against the Company.

15    Cancellation of tours and Excursions by the Client, the following scale of cancellation charges as a percentage of the Holiday / Excursion price will apply :-
More than 42 days before departure    Loss of Deposit (15% on Tours & Mini-Breaks & 25% on Day Excursions )
29    -    42 days before departure    30% of Holiday cost or 50% of Day Excursion cost.
15    -    28 days before departure    45% of Holiday cost or 75% of Day Excursion cost.
1    -    14 days before departure    100 % of Holiday or Day Excursion cost.

Awaydays (Dorset) Ltd,    PO Box 5178 Templecombe, Somerset BA9 0AS Tel 0844 5000502 e-mail: info


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